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250 grams bag of whole bean or ground coffee from the award winning farmers and roasted to your preferances


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    From: 1,750.00 every 4 weeks
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    • Black
    • Cream
    • Sugar
    • None of the above
      None of the above
    • Light Roast
      Light Roast
      Light roast coffee is a light brown color and has no oil on the surface of the beans. These coffees typically have a crisp acidity, a mellow body, and bright flavors.
    • Medium Roast
      Medium Roast
      These coffees have a medium acidity and body, as well as a rounded flavor profile. these coffees are balanced, well rounded, and are slightly darker and sweeter.
    • Dark Roast
      Dark Roast
      Dark roast coffee is a dark brown color and often has an oily surface. These coffees have a low acidity, heavy body, and tend to reveal deeper, darker flavors.
    • Not Sure
      Not Sure
    • Ground
      Ground For A Perfect Drip Brewed Cup Of Coffee
    • Whole Bean
      Whole Bean
      Recommended For The Freshest Possible Coffee
    Each shipment contains one 250gram bag of coffee beans
    • Every Week
      20 cups a week
    • Every 2 Weeks
      10 cups a week
    • Every 4 Weeks
      5 Cups a week
    • Deluxe $$
      You take pride in your coffee brewing
    • Exclusive $$$
      You seek out the best of the best in your quest for coffee.
    Each box contains a 250grams bag of fresh-roasted coffee, which brews about 20 cups of delicious coffee.
    • Pay Per Coffee
      Pay Per Coffee
    • 6 Coffee Plan
      6 Coffee Plan
      Save 5%
    • 12 Coffee Plan
      12 Coffee Plan
      Save 10%