Country Indonesia
Farmer Salzi Pungkih
Altitude 1600
Region Sumatra Gayo
Variety Ateng, Timor
Processing Washed
Cupping Score 87.5
Tasting Notes Almond, Barely, Granola, Winey
Salzi has devoted his whole life to coffee, and he is the second generation of coffee growers. The 1 acre of coffee plantation, that he has inherited from his parents, and which will pass to the next generation, is his only source of income. On our journey, we realized that not only does the land pass from generation to generation, but also the values, knowledge, tradition and taste for coffee do.

Gayo, in Sumatra, Indonesia is the region considered one of the largest Arabica coffee plantations in South East Asia. Caffeine producers have a common goal of trying to continually improve the quality of coffee grown on Gayo’s highlands, as well as preserve and conserve the ecosystem as a place where high-quality coffee beans are grown. As Salzi has told us: “In the past, it was just normal to be a coffee grower in Indonesian society, now it’s something you have to be proud of.”

Sumatra Gayo Arabica Coffee is produced in the Gayo Highland. Gayo highland is located in Aceh at the top of North Sumatra province. It has been for a long time known as a good quality coffee producing area. Most of the coffees produced are Arabica coffees, eventhough Robusta is also produced here but the quantity is lesser compared to Arabica. In year 2010, Gayo coffee had been awarded the Fair Trade certificate from International Fair Trade Organization. In october in the same year Gayo achieved the highest score in Indonesian Specialty Coffee Auction event which of course shows Gayo as one of the best Organic Coffee in the world.