Country Ethiopia
Farmer Mekuria Merga Kelloo
Altitude 2200
Region Yirgachefe
Variety Heirloom
Processing Washed
Cupping Score 86.5
Tasting Notes Citrus, Floral, Strawberry, Raspberry

Mekuria Merga is one of four washing stations with this name. This particular washing station is located in Gedo, in the woreda of Gedeb and it receives cherries from around 500 farmers.

All of these washing stations are named after their owner, Mekuria Merga, a highly respected coffee professional with 23 years’ experience in the industry. Mekuria Merga decided to establish his own export company “Wete Ambela” in 2018 to export coffees from his washing stations, which are renowned for their high-quality coffees. Because of the high prices, long rains and overall lower yields in recent years, Mekuria decided to pivot to focus solely on high quality Grade 1 coffees.

He processes a limited amount of both washed and naturals from his stations, and wanted to find a partner that would be able to distribute his coffees around the world. Knowing that his Hambela coffee was one of the best selections of the year, it was natural for us to commit to buying this coffee.