Country Costa Rica
Farmer Don Jorge Adán Monge
Altitude 1750
Region Tarrazu
Variety Geisha
Processing Honey
Cupping Score 89
Tasting Notes Floral, Hops, Mango, Sweet
Finca Las Palomas is owned by the Monge García Family, headed by Jorge Adan Monge Garbanzo, his wife Flor Mayela García Valverde and their children Jorge Leonardo, Leandro Antonio, Daniel José and María Isabel. For a long time this farm has belonged to the family, the first owner was the grandfather named Adam Monge Picado, later inherited by his son Toño Monge Picado and he handed it down to the current owner Jorge Adam Monge Garbanzo.

Las Palomas spans six hectares and produces around 250 fanegas of coffee annually. The farm is named Las Palomas because of the various birds that can be found in the region, his Don Jorge employs two full-time farm workers, and a group of 25 collectors visit the farm during the harvest season, moving between Las Palomas and the neighboring farms.

Coffee is delivered to the nearby Association of Agricultural Producers of the Communities of Acosta and Aserrí (ASOPROAAA), who process coffee and citrus in the areas of Acosta, Jorco and Palmichal, as well as offering financial, commercial and technical support to its members. They have been influential in the revival of agricultural production in the region, and are unique in their offering as a processor of traceable, quality differentiated micro lots.

Cherry for this lot was delivered to ASOPROAAA by Don Jorge on the 18th of February and processed the same day. It was sorted before being pulped to remove the skin of the fruit and a portion of the mucilage. For the ASOPROAAA honey process, approximately 70% of the mucilage is left on the bean. It was then transferred to raised drying beds where it was left for six days until fully dry. The coffee is left unmoved for a period of time to impart some fruit flavours in the cup and then moved intermittently during the drying process to promote even drying and superior quality.