Country Brazil
Farmer Fazenda Santa Alina (Microlot)
Altitude 1400
Region Carmo De Minas
Variety Yellow Bourbon
Processing Natural
Cupping Score 85.5
Tasting Notes Mandarin Orange Candy, Funk, Fermented
The Fazenda Santa Alina in São Sebastião de Grama is known for its sustainable and future-oriented cultivation and management methods. Tuca Dias, the owner of the farm, produces some of the finest natural and pulped natural micro-lot specialty coffees in the area.

These coffees are really not the typical brazilian coffees. They overwhelm with profound fruity characteristics that can usually only be found in African or Central American coffees. The region is known for its abundant sunlight during the day and for mild temperatures during the night. It is known to be home to some of the best Brazilian coffees.

At altitudes between 1200 and 1500 m.a.s.l. the farm extends over 895 hectares in a predominantly hilly area, of which 239 hectares are used for coffee growing. The average annual production of 5500 bags mainly comes from micro-lots. That’s why over the decades Fazenda Santa Alina has consistently managed to grow some of the area’s finest coffees.

The cultivated varieties of coffee range from Yellow Bourbon, Mundo Novo, and Red Bourbon to Catuai 2SL, Yellow Catuai 62 and Red Catuai 144, all of which are either natural or pulped natural.