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Aficionados and enthusiasts with a flare of theater. Praha represents calm, tranquility and a euphoric experience delivered through soft colors in our ambiance, clear filling of natural sunlight in the room which compliments the aroma of roasting fresh beans brought to you in a picturesque manner with mouth watering comfort food and cuisine.

Our Journey

Travelling the world and experiencing coffee with undeniable depth created a taste for finer things in life. While in Pakistan this was non-existent, that’s where we come in. Praha guarantees a coffee experience on par with the best in the world to our home. Personally cataloguing coffee from all corners of the world such as Ethiopia, Brazil and more, using only the purist techniques and employing the most experienced staff to offer an experience unlike any other.


Where do you import your coffee from?2020-10-08T11:11:21+05:00

Our green coffees beans come from the specialty coffee farms of world’s best coffee growing regions which include Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Indonesia.

How do I brew your coffee?2020-10-08T11:11:14+05:00

Our coffees can be brewed from any espresso machines, filter brewers and pour overs.

What does your subscription model have exactly?2020-10-08T11:24:51+05:00

This model is a one stop easy solution for your daily coffee needs. We ask you questions related to the type of coffee you like to drink, after which we choose the best coffee from our range and delivers to your home. You can also save hassle of making payments as we renew the subscription by deducting the amount automatically after your chosen subscription ends. You can subscribe now on www.caffepraha.com/subscription.

What’s the difference between your coffees?2020-10-08T11:12:09+05:00

We provide a variety of single origin coffees each coming from a different farm and process. They have different flavor, taste and aroma.

How are your coffee’s roasted?2020-10-08T11:13:09+05:00

Our coffee is freshly roasted by professional coffee roasters inside our café. Each coffee is initially roasted at different temperatures at different roast levels. These roasted samples are tasted through a cupping process and a specific roast profile is selected for each origin. After which, the coffees are freshly roasted according to the orders received. We also give our customers opportunity to view the roasting process which is open for all to view at Caffé Praha DHA.

What’s the longest time I can stay at a table?2020-10-08T11:05:59+05:00

We don’t have a time limit for that however usually our customers spend 60 to 90 minutes per visit.

How long will I’ve to queue on the weekends?2020-10-08T11:06:33+05:00

On weekends and public holidays, we have a waiting of around 15 to 60 minutes.

Do you accept bookings for large parties?2020-10-08T11:08:12+05:00

We accept reservations however it’s better to call on our outlet contact number (03132682848) to confirm your reservation and get the details regarding availability of space.

Does Caffé Praha provide food delivery?2021-01-19T17:38:07+05:00

We currently deliver food only through Careem Now and Praha’s own delivery service at a 5km radius from both of our outlets.

How many outlets do you have?2020-10-08T11:25:58+05:00

We currently have two outlets: One at LuckyOne Mall ground floor and the other one is in Khayaban-e-Seher DHA Phase 6.

Delivery times and ETA for my subscription?2021-01-19T17:37:20+05:00

All deliveries are made on Mondays or Thursdays of a week.

Do you ship out of Karachi?2021-01-19T17:36:57+05:00

Yes, we are currently providing free delivery service to our coffee customers all over Pakistan.

What is your return policy?2020-10-08T11:21:56+05:00

Once the coffee bags sealed zipper is opened, refund is not possible.

Do you add flavoring to your coffee?2020-10-08T11:15:58+05:00

Coffee beans are freshly roasted directly from the green bean’s jute bag to the roaster, without the mixture of any flavor or preservatives.

What’s the best way to store my coffee bags?2020-10-08T11:15:12+05:00

Our coffee beans come in a bag with zipper and a one-way valve. The best place to store coffee is in the bag as the valve keeps the coffee fresh and zipper makes the bag convenient to use and lock.

Is franchising available?2020-10-08T11:24:15+05:00

Yes, please fill in the form on the following link to apply for the franchise: https://www.caffepraha.com/franchising

Where to contact for press or corporate inquires?2020-10-08T11:23:22+05:00

Contact on our business phone number: 03132682848.

How can I apply for the job?2020-10-08T11:27:45+05:00

Send us your CVs on info@caffepraha.com and please mention the position you are applying for in the subject of the email.

What is the delivery time?2020-10-08T11:28:33+05:00

Once the order is made from our website shop, it takes 2 to 5 working days to deliver the product anywhere in Pakistan.

Can I buy two subscriptions at the same time?2020-10-08T11:30:23+05:00

Yes. However, you can do that by buying an additional subscription.

How can I cancel my subscription?2021-01-19T17:35:56+05:00

You can cancel your subscription 24 hours prior to the renewal of your next subscriptions. We also send reminder emails to our customer 48 hours prior to the renewal of their subscription.

How can I renew my subscription?2020-10-08T11:30:32+05:00

Your subscription choice renews automatically once the current subscription ends.

How will I be charged for the subscription?2020-10-08T11:30:36+05:00

We accept subscription payments through debit or credit cards only. Once you choose the subscription, it’ll automatically take you to a payment gateway where you can fill in the card details and billing details. Click pay now and be a part of Praha’s Coffee family.

What are the coffee plans?2020-10-08T11:30:40+05:00

Once you tell us your coffee details in our subscription model, we give you three payment plans. You can pay for one coffee bag plan, 6 coffee bags plan or a 12 coffee bags plan. If you choose a 6 coffee bags plan, we give you a 5% discount and deduct the total amount of 6 coffee bags in one transaction after adjusting the discount. In this case, your next payment will be charged after you are delivered 6 coffee bags at your chosen times and your subscription is renewed. Similar for a 12 coffee bags plan however you can avail a 15% discount on the purchase of this plan. No discounts are available for One coffee bag plan.



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